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Dentistry for Infancy through Adolescence

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Pediatric Dentist in Michigan City, Indiana

Michigan City Pediatric Dentistry is a pediatric dentist located in Michigan City, Indiana.  Our pediatric dental office proudly provides dental services for children.  We strongly promote preventative dentistry and provide home oral hygiene counseling.

Initial Exams & Diagnostic Care
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend as soon as you see teeth they be checked and given fluoride treatments for prevention of cavities. We can also provide education on the best oral care to hopefully prevent any cavities through the adolescent and adult years. Michigan City Pediatric Dentistry appreciates our patient referrals and we are accepting new patients 0-10 years old.  We proudly offer:

• Exams
• X-rays
• Preventative Care
• Nitrous Oxide
• Oral hygiene counseling
• Silver amalgam Fillings
• Fluoride Treatments
• X-Rays
• Office Sedation
• Stainless Steel Crowns
• Pulp Treatments
• Behavior Management
• Sealants
• Teeth Cleaning
• Outpatient Hospital Treatment Under General Anesthesia
Dr. Fagg, Special Needs Dentist in Michigan City, IN

Troubleshooting Advice
Many adolescents are known for drinking a lot of soda and sugar-based drinks, which are high causes of cavities. It is important to get your teeth cleaned once every 6 months to maintain good oral hygiene. Call (219) 879-4559 today for details.


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